Export Music Sweden Delivers update regarding ExMS and Covid-19

Export Music Sweden Delivers update regarding ExMS and Covid-19

Cited article translated from Swedish (See original article here):

The corona virus causes an acute situation with direct consequences for music exports, the entire music industry and society at large.Export Music Sweden is monitoring the situation closely and has obviously canceled all of the spring’s physical impacts where there is a risk of increased spread of infection.

Among these we find several seminars organized by us in Sweden that draw a lot of audience, but also hit on SxSW (Austin), Jazzahead (Bremen), Classical: NEXT (Rotterdam) and trade delegations to Mexico City and Los Angeles to name a few. Some are fully set, others can hopefully be postponed during 2020, depending on developments.We are now investing time and effort to continue with business development and support for music exports in other ways. Some of the projects we launched are new export guides for, inter alia, participation in international songwriting camps, trade delegations and trade fairs on the website.

We are also building a whole new section of the website with detailed export information starting with 18 countries that are useful for Swedish practitioners, composers, songwriters and companies creators in terms of tour, residence, media landscape, songwriting or streaming income.We are also looking at solutions for moving education and seminars online.We will keep you updated on new support that the Swedish music industry, both practitioners and companies, can seek. No details on how to apply or what amounts to apply for are yet to be found. We will return when the details are presented by the Ministry of Culture and others.

We have chosen to temporarily close Export Music Sweden’s office and are currently working from home, but of course we can reach us by email and phone.
Please contact us if you need help with contacts at home in Sweden or internationally or if you have other questions, thoughts or good ideas.

Jesper Thorsson
Export Music Sweden



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By Bret

Export Music Sweden Delivers update regarding ExMS and Covid-19

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